Chapel Ridge’s Kick-Off to Summer 2022

The Bradford Era

Chapel Ridge is hosting its annual Kick-Off to Summer festivities to honor the beginning of the summer season. The week-long celebration with the theme “Summer Is a State of Mind” features a variety of events and activities for residents to participate in and enjoy.

For Father’s Day on the 19th, residents and their families gathered to take part in a creative activity called “Dads Rock” that gave them the opportunity to make rock picture frames together while enjoying each other’s company during the holiday. Director of Activities Becky Greenberg said, “We really look forward every year to our Kick-Off to Summer, getting staff involved, and enjoying friends and family. It’s our favorite thing to do.”

The Activities Department also organized a trip out for a picnic and a drive to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. The remainder of Kick-Off week continued with a variety of pastimes, including an alpaca visit, and a resident and staff dance party contest.

An outdoor bell choir concert is set for tonight at 6:30 p.m. in which residents’ families are invited to attend.

Whether spending time with family or delighting in fun and games, the residents at Chapel Ridge are in no short supply of entertainment this summer season.

Robotic companion pets bring sense of peace to Bradford Ecumenical Home residents

The Bradford Era

It is widely recognized that pets bring an immeasurable sense of happiness and companionship to individuals’ lives. Not to mention, science-backed research suggests that pets also reduce stress and anxiety, as well as provide relief from depression and loneliness.

However, owning and caring for a live pet may not be feasible for everyone. Thankfully, there’s an alternative option for the residents at Bradford Ecumenical Home. The “Joy for All” Companion cat “Fluffy” is one of three lifelike interactive robotic pets that residents can snuggle with and enjoy. Companion pets feature built-in sensors, giving them a realistic look, sound and feel. The life-like cats respond to touch and have the ability to purr, snuggle and even roll over.

Bringing this unique interactive experience to residents gives them a sense of purpose that’s linked to owning a pet without the added responsibility.

Not to mention, “Joy for All” companion pets have been proven to provide benefits similar to owning a live pet. Additionally, animal therapy is confirmed to have positive effects for those with dementia.

The therapy is proven to boost mood, increase mental stimulation and alleviate agitation and behavioral episodes. Not to mention, pets (whether real or life-like) offer a soothing presence and, most importantly, provide happiness to those interacting with them. It’s safe to say that Fluffy and its fellow life-like furry robotic friends at Bradford Ecumenical Home will receive lots of precious cuddles and love from their very delighted “owners”.