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Happy Days Are Here Again!

Using tables with umbrellas, and their parking lots, Bradford Ecumenical Home and Chapel Ridge will be making it possible for residents and loved ones to get just a little closer—enough for in-person visits that are better than the all-video visits they have been having since the pandemic began.

“It’s been challenging to experience the separation between families and loved ones,” says CEO Lisa Johnson. “We came up with a concept for Outdoor Car Hop Visits that allow friends and families to visit while remaining in their vehicle at all times.  Visitors must wear a face mask or face covering and maintain social distancing guidelines.”

The plan will kick off on Monday, August 3rd with limited appointments available each day, including weekends.  Each visit is scheduled for 20 minutes in order to allow as many visits as possible. No objects can be passed back and forth, but families can be creative in their use of signs and decorating their vehicles.

“Eventually appointments will increase as slots are available. It gives our community of feeling one step closer; it feels like major progress, like a huge wall of separation has been reduced.  A lot has happened since we closed our doors on March 13th.  Milestones like the birth of a great-grandchild, grandchildren graduated from high school and/or college, and family weddings.  These are the things we want to celebrate in light of the pandemic.”   

“These days, with the primary concern about the health and safety of people in nursing homes, we recognize the important role our family members and employees play to help ensure our Resident Car Hop Visits are a ‘Happy Day’.  We’re celebrating with the Happy Days Theme of “Rockin All Week for You”. Please call ahead to schedule your visit.

Chicken BBQ, Part 2

Our Chicken BBQ, on May 21st, was a huge success! Thanks to the support in the community, we sold 600 dinners in under one hour! Unfortunately, there were many people that we had to turn away because we sold out. That’s why we’re having another one. Bradford Ecumenical Home, Inc. will again partner with Kev’s Best Chicken BBQ on Thursday, June 18th. We’ll start selling dinners at 3:00 via drive-thru in our parking lot until they’re sold out.


Bradford Ecumenical Home Kicks Off Nursing Home Week With Parade!

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Residents of Bradford Ecumenical Home and Chapel Ridge got outside to enjoy the weather and watch the Mother’s Day Parade in their honor. Led by the organization’s van, the Bradford City Police Departement and Fire Department joined families as they drove up and down St. Francis Drive and around parking lots. Residents’ loved ones decorated their cars with flowers, balloons, and signs. Hands clapping, cheers and shouts of “I Love You” could be heard throughout the campus grounds.

Nursing Home Week continues the rest of the week with several events planned. This year’s theme is “Sharing Our Wisdom,” which is on display in our central area. Our “seniors” give wisdom and advice to area high school seniors who will soon be graduating amid a global pandemic.

The Activities Department will be going all-out this week with a Frog Jumping Contest and “Dance Like a Chicken” Day. The week will finish up like all good things should, with a delicious ice cream sundae.

The heroes at Bradford Ecumenical Home and Chapel Ridge continue to love and care for our seniors while looking forward to the day when we can open our doors and say “Welcome to our home.”